Projects: Just a short blog, to show some progress.

  Punched and drifted some steel, as I needed a chuck key for the lathe, not sure where my old one went.  But ten minutes at the forge sorted it.  
  Ford 3000 (force) from 1972.  This will be my workhorse in retirement.


Pre-force (6X) models where made from 1965 until March 1968.
The pre-force were problematic and the select O matic also had problems. 
Force models (6Y) where made from April 1968 until 1975.

I have managed to accumulate a lot of literature on the 000 series, the original factory repair manual and parts catalogue, amongst many.

  A multi function trestle, which will be used near the forge.  I am in the middle of another trestle build.  
  Made from 10mm angle which was acquired from work.  The hinges came from a skip and the arch was also from a skip.  
  I needed a table, strong enough to take a lot of weight.  The top is 15mm steel plate 750mm x 500mm.  The legs are made from 8mm flat bar, welded as T bar. I created space underneath to hold three tote boxes for offcuts.  This table has worked well, it holds a number 6 Denbigh flypress, small Record vice, pipe vice and I also made a holder to hold a creasing iron.  The 20kg Becma anvil sits on a Cedar log, with a strap around the front table leg.

Underneath, I now store reels of mig wire and arc rods, which I store in sealed tubes.


The press has since been painted black.

  I have a habit of picking up metal for free.  In this case, I picked up several pairs of forklift tines.  It's not bad as a medium tool steel.  
  A Brush PTO genny, about 10 kva.  It came from an old dairy farm, only used as a backup.  I was told that it was little used.  It is three phase, I have also acquired a single phase splitter cable.  
  Ifor Williams 142 tri axle, I couldn't have done half of the work without this.  I have owned a few trailers, but nothing tows like this.  I think it dates from 2008.  
  I am not the best welder in the world, but I am happy with this.  Not all my welds are this clean.  This is 10mm flat bar using around 100 amps.  
  A small John Deere 212.  I plan to make a trailer, to make light work of moving things around.  
  Denford Senior S type, for later projects.  
  The process of reforging a coil spring, I found this lying in the road, road conditions must be causing a lot of damage to cars.  The final process is smoothing the metal, on the creasing iron.  
  The Alfa Challenge 70.

A handcrank sewing machine capable of sewing leather.

  The miniature Veritas, bevel up plane.  I bought this, thinking it would not be useable.  I was wrong, it is very handy for smoothing knife scales, before sanding.