I thought I would share some of my projects, hope you like them. Most of my homemade tools are made with materials, given or found.

This site is work in progress.


How to get free steel for the workshop. I work in agriculture and visit many farms on occasion. As well as the farms, we have a factory for processing. You will be amazed at the steel they discard.

One day, I was chatting with the fabricator. There was a pile of steel, some bent and twisted. I told him I have a small forge in my workshop and asked if there was any steel offcuts I could have. He occasionally puts steel to one side for me now.

I also had a word with the forklift service engineer. He told me they have to replace the fork tines periodically, I ended up walking away with four pairs. These tines are two metres long and weigh about 80 kilos, fork tine steel is hard wearing and makes excellent tools. I should get more at the end of 2019.
Most of the tine steel will be used for tooling, I have seen people make punches, hammers and other tools. Something I plan on making is, tooling for the fly press. The picture below gives an idea of how much metal there is, in just one tine. Here are the heel and 300mm of the tine from the heel. The heel weighs 25kg and the smaller piece weighs around 10kg, I have marked seven sections, where I will make cuts. Potentially there are seven tools, just from that one piece. Here, Daniel Moss forges a hammer from forklift tine.

I also picked up two sheets of 10mm steel plate two metres by one metre. They were discarded on the roadside, after a commercial vehicle RTA. These will make two table tops and two english wheel frames. I have a load of M24 bolts, enough to assemble one frame. The bolts came from a building site, again, free. The frame build will be similar to the Baileigh.

Also, layby's have lots of discarded materials. I put it all in the scrap pile for use later.

Some YouTube channels I subscribe to.

Rune Malte Bertram-Nielson

I love this channel, this is what it is all about for me. Making tools without electricity.

Black Bear Forge

Some great info on tool making by repurposing old steel.

Torbjörn Åhman

Some great projects here

Mark Aspery

How blacksmithing is meant to be done.


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